What Others Are Saying

Meeting and making new friends is one of the most fun and meaningful aspects of the work I do!  The great thing about new friends is that they become old friends, helping to shape the person I am becoming.  Here are a few of the kind words I’ve received as I’ve traveled and shared.  If you’re interested in booking me for a concert, reading, camp, or event, check out the “contact” tab!  I’d love to start dreaming and planning how we might partner together.

“Tim has been an incredible blessing to the campers & staff of Camp Peniel. As a speaker for our high school camps, teacher for our discipleship program, & as our friend he has used God’s Word to paint a beautiful picture of the character of our Heavenly Father & what He desires for us as His beloved children. He intentionally pursues the campers & students, learns their names & asks to hear their stories. Because Tim has humbly taken the time to form a relationship with those he teaches, he speaks to them on a personal level in ways that specifically apply & relate to where they are in life. It is refreshing to hear the gospel presented to young people in a way that is not self-centered. Instead, Tim has challenged us all to grow in our understanding of God’s love that we might become love to the world around us for His glory & for His Kingdom.”

– Jenny Blackmon, Summer Director, Camp Peniel, Marble Falls, TX

“As long as I’ve been a youth pastor, I’ve never asked the same D-NOW speaker to come back, until I met Tim. The students request him every year, and I happily oblige. While Tim is an incredibly thoughtful, creative and truthful speaker and storyteller, these are not the reasons we ask him to return year after year. It is in his ability to form genuine and lasting relationships with both students and adults. He is not just our weekend speaker, but he has become part of our family.”

– Walker McWilliams, Youth Pastor, First Baptist Church, Lufkin, TX

“Thank you so much for performing at our concert Tuesday night. While not outdoors, I think the event was a tremendous gift for our community, and something we needed. We couldn’t know ahead of time what good timing it would be, but I think it came at just the right moment. Thank you for sharing your gifts, sharing your thoughtful words and generosity, and allowing us to take our minds off of the recent events for a moment. I think my six year old son said it best…on the way home, he said, “I’ve never heard a band that played so lovingly.”

–  Tim Whelsky, Asst. Dean of Student Affairs, Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA


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