Re: Memos on Faith and Life- now available as an eBook

Most of my life, I’ve been the kid with the cluttered room, the messy car, and the mixed-up mind. I’ve always got a thousand threads weaving themselves into a tangled mess in my mind. I start one project, set it aside, and begin something totally different and new. It’s exciting to initiate new projects! It’s really, really difficult to finish them… That’s why I’m so excited about my first book, “Re: Memos on Faith and Life”, which can now be purchased as an eBook by following the link below. It represents an endeavor that didn’t end up in the growing pile of half-done ideas. It’s a project that I, with the help of so many encouragers and contributors, saw through from idea to finished product! Comprised of 31 short daily devotionals, the book explores my own journey of Faith. Perhaps you’ll find reading these reflections as meaningful as writing them was for me. Grace and Peace.

Here is an excerpt from the Introduction:

In 2005, my brother took me to get a tattoo for my birthday. With each pass of the needle, the rattle and buzz of the machine indelibly pushed ink beneath the tender skin of my forearm. When the artist was finished, I pulled my arm toward my face as I looked in the mirror at the name etched there- Jedidiah.

This Hebrew name means “beloved of God” and it’s been the journey of my life to allow the truth of that name to seep beneath the layers and embed itself across the rough terrain of my heart. This book is part of my greater journey toward a tattooed soul.

The The title of this book is Re: Memos on Faith and Life because a memo is an invitation into dialogue and relationship, there is always an opportunity to reply, respond, and reflect. My sincerest hope is that these memos are helpful to you as you reflect upon and respond to the truth of your “Belovedness.” May that truth sink deep beneath the layers of your own skin and into your soul.


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